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Dynamics 365 – empower your digital transformation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an end-to-end business management cloud platform. It integrates ERP, CRM, Office, as well as other easy-to-use modules and additional Apps.

Dynamics 365 fully answers all modern business needs:

  • Improve your business processes with integrated ERP. For your choice, utilize Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations or Business Central. Discover the differences.
  • Manage customers with the Customer Engagement module. Use this powerful CRM solution for an efficient sales boost.
  • Gain better data-driven business insights. For this, use a versatile business analytics solution Power BI.
  • Facilitate your office work with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).
  • Enjoy an endless choice of Apps for micro-industries and tasks. Find more on the Appsource.

Common innovative platform Dynamics 365 ensures the integrity and smooth information flow in your company. It also delivers visual reports through interactive, real-time dashboards and analytics.

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One system for all your needs

No wasting your time looking for different systems or solutions. No nerves negotiating with numerous deployers or partners. No worry about integrations or upgrades. No losing your data. No limiting your employees to working at fixed desks.

Customers, Products, People, and Data – connected and ready
With Dynamics 365, you will get everything you need. Flawlessly, manage your business in one innovative platform:

Access your business anywhere, anytime

Internet-based functions provide unlimited opportunities. For instance, you can access your business data and back-office functions from any place and on any device. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

Pay for what you use

Using the online version, you will only pay for the number of users who worked online particular month.

Simple maintenance

The system is updated automatically. All you need to do is confirm the update pop up notifications when required. There is no need to wait for new versions. Nor spend your time buying licences or update your software.

Self-service customization

Create your unique user interface. Use handy dashboards, set favorite colors and other customizable features.

Agile and flexible

Start with a basic set and grow according to your needs. Because Dynamics 365 is a flexible system. Simply purchase the apps which meet your need best. Then, create your own application.

One system for all business needs

Dynamics 365 is a simple system with integrated applications. Cover all the important business processes. Use well-known and handy features. For example, improve your customer engagement and drive sales with CRM. Or optimize your business processes with ERP. Gain better business insights with Power BI. Facilitate the office work with Microsoft 365.

Explore Dynamics 365 Applications 

Dynamics 365’s functionalities are broken down into individual apps, each covering a specific business process. The apps work together within Dynamics 365, allowing businesses to manage all their operations within one comprehensive, accessible solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is designed to automate and modernize your financial operations, reduce operational expenses and decrease global financial complexity and risks. Also, it involves insights and suggestions provided by artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Drive strategic financial decisions with AI.
    Unify and automate your financial processes.
    Reduce operational expenses.
    Decrease global financial complexity and risk.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management system’s main goal is to transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations. Combined with predictive insights and intelligence from AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), it maximizes operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability. The application is targeted at planning, production, inventory, warehouse, and transportation management. 

  • Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations.
  • Modernize warehouse management.
  • Optimize production performance.
  • Maximize the life of your assets.
  • Automate and streamline your supply chain.


Optimize your field operations with built-in intelligence, remote monitoring, and tools that enable your technicians to deliver quality work—all available through Dynamics 365 Field Service.

  • Prevent service calls by remotely detecting and resolving issues using the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Improve first-time fix rates with heads-up, a hands-free video calling that allows field technicians to share what they see and get immediate help from offsite experts.
  • Increase productivity and profits by fitting in more appointments per day with optimized routes and assignments, and give technicians complete customer and job data on their mobile devices, even while they’re offline.
  • Keep customers informed and empowered with self-service portals, proactive updates, and real-time technician tracking.


Elevate your brand by delivering personalized, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels with Dynamics 365 Retail.

  • Gain customers for life by engaging shoppers with personalized service, both in stores and online.
  • Increase collaboration and get the insights you need to improve the way you manage staffing, inventory, and fulfillment.
  • Increase your sales and profitability by ensuring that the right products appear in the right stores at the right time—and at the right price.
  • Keep up with consumer demands worldwide and reduce operating costs with a data-driven supply chain.


Empower your business to create exceptional, insightful shopping experiences for every customer with Dynamics 365 Commerce—built on our proven Dynamics 365 Retail solution.

  • Streamline your business with an end-to-end commerce solution that scales to your needs across traditional and emerging channels. 
  • Use clienteling tools to gain a comprehensive view of your customers and respond to their needs at every level of engagement, based on customer profile, history, and preferences that flow across physical and digital channels. 
  • Deliver frictionless and consistent engagement across online and offline channels—allowing customers to purchase when, how, and where they want, on any device.
  • Drive personalized, friction-free commerce experiences and integrated, optimized back-office operations through ingrained and pervasive cloud intelligence technology. 
  • Meet your business needs using flexible deployment options along with a configurable and extensible platform that adheres to global compliance and security standards. 

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Build brand affinity and customer loyalty with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Empower your teams with the streamlined data and unified technology they need to deliver seamless, personalized experiences. 

  • Deliver value at every touchpoint and personalize every interaction.
  • Interact with customers on their preferred channel—from chat and SMS to email and phone to Facebook Messenger. 
  • Create a single, consistent service experience through a threaded view of the customer experience. 
  • Quickly offer the most relevant knowledge articles to deliver more accurate results.


Manage your finances, sales, service, and operations with an all-in-one solution. An excellent choice for businesses that have outgrown their entry-level accounting software.

Learn about the differences with Finance and Operations >>

Make more informed decisions by applying AI to your data.

  • Simplify AI adoption with intuitive interfaces, detailed guidance, and apps that integrate seamlessly together for a streamlined experience.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and organization by unifying relationships, processes, and data across apps.
  • Make each touchpoint more relevant and responsive with proactive, data-driven insights into customer needs and behaviors.
  • Easily adjust AI functionality for greater agility and faster adaptation to your market and customers.


Build trusted customer relationships by delivering outstanding project experiences. Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation empowers you to deliver profitable projects on time and within budget while increasing employee productivity.

  • Plan and deliver successful projects using a predictable and customer-centric service delivery model.
  • Anticipate resource demand and ensure the right resources are on the right projects, keeping utilization high.
  • Prioritize project-based sales opportunities with built-in intelligence to plan for successful outcomes.
  • Empower your service professionals to deliver their best work through intuitive and collaborative tools.
  • Drive innovation with an application that’s easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services you already use.

Hire top talent, set employees up for success, and improve HR management.

Increase customer demand for your products and services, create seamless customer experiences, and improve marketing results with Dynamics 365 Marketing. 

  • Run targeted, multi-channel campaigns and personalize each buyer’s journey to generate more sales-ready leads.
  • Create seamless customer experiences through marketing automation, shared data, and processes connected to Dynamics 365 Sales.
  • Improve automated marketing performance with AI-driven insights, lead scoring, and custom dashboards, plus gain a 360-degree view of customers through integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.
  • Personalize and extend the capabilities of your app by connecting it with the apps and services you already use, plus use built-in privacy features to help you comply with GDPR regulations.


Go beyond sales force automation with Dynamics 365 Sales to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals.

  • Sell smarter with contextual insights.
  • Build relationships with authentic and personal engagement.
  • Free up more time for selling.
  • Boost sales productivity with seamless tools.
  • Accelerate sales performance.
  • Innovate with flexible solutions that grow with your business. 


Overlay digital content in real-world business scenarios for greater efficiency and teamwork.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers 16.97 for every dollar spent.

85% of CEOs admitted that the key to profit growth was their CFOs' ability to gather and analyze data.

Dynamics 365 Pricing

Each Microsoft Dynamics 365 business application is priced separately so you could pay only for what is needed for you. Pricing on the apps also depends if it’s the first user’s app or subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app. If you have a big company that requires a complex solution, it’s always better to have an in-depth consultation with a Microsoft partner, so that you could make a smart decision.  Contact us, and we will be glad to help you out. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing guide. 

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