Full-time Developer On-site or Outsource?

One of the biggest contemporary challenges in ERP market is the availability of IT resources, especially developers. High demand and scarce resources of right candidates make hiring process extremely difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

Markets and technologies are rapidly changing. ERP systems offer new functionalities answering the needs of digital transformation – this requires different coding competencies which usually are not so handy to employ permanently. Moreover, it seems that there are certain periods of the peak needs for the development force: the need significantly grows during the implementation or update of the system or any more voluminous functionality. But the need lessens as soon as the system is launched, the functionalities work, and the maintenance requires much less resources. That’s why more and more companies hire the developers as per need, thus saving a lot of HR workers’ time, nerves and company’s money.

What can you get from the outsource?

There are lots of opinions and reasons, but most of the executives in the IT field sometimes face the challenges of the HR resource management, and would not argue that in some cases the outsource is more efective and cheaper way of filling the employees‘ temporary competency gaps.

Let‘s talk about the flexibility for the work volume, resource staffing, salaries, motivation and retention. And, of course, the continuous competency training which is unavoidable and mandatory in these tech-spurt times.

Criteria Full time developer on-site Outsourced developer or team
Flexibility Poor. Hard to manage work scope fluctuations: lack of resources in a peak time, and abundance in off-peak High: you get as much resources as needed in the right time
Scalability of resources Quite poor. If you need different specialists‘ roles or competences, you must hire different persons – it may be expensive. If you take freelancers, you may have issues with team management and communication. Very high. We will „pack“ the roles and competences you need and always work as a team.
Salary Constant and quite high, do not depends on a work scope. Hourly/daily based, with an affordable price.
Motivation and retention It is not easy to find a good specialist and even harder to retain him. You don‘t care – we do. You get the right specialist in a right time.
Learning and development Quite limited, usually „closed“ within one company. Unlimited due to participation in various projects and high requirements for quality & certifications.

When to consider outsource?

So, when is it the best time to consider the dev resource outsourcing? Let‘s be straight – when you answer Yes to at least one of the questions below:

  • Is it hard to find a right dev competency in your organization?
  • Do you need a specific dev competency for a limited time?
  • You have a project, which requires higher dev workload than usual?
  • You have extra projects, but don’t want to hire extra staff?

Don’t waste your time and money – call an outsource partner and think about your business but not about dev resources problems.

Need a Partner? We can help

Get everything you need from GO-ERP – with a high quality, full responsibility and at an affordable price.

Author Daiva Jakštienė, Marketing manager at GO-ERP

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