Instead of Christmas gifts, GO-ERP donates to Woodland Trust

Christmas is a time of giving, and it’s a perfect time for every company to express it’s gratitude to its clients with a gift. This year, instead of regular Christmas gifts for our clients GO-ERP is taking an alternative approach. Thus, thoughtful and environmentally friendly.

GO-ERP is donating to The Woodland Trust to plant as many trees as it supports Dynamics live users in the United Kingdom.  More to that, this type of gift reduces packaging and waste and benefits nature, too.

The Woodland Trust is an amazing organization which aims to plant a tree for every person in the UK. Noteworthy, the current UK’s woodland cover is only 13% when the EU average is 37%.  Therefore, Woodland’s Trust strives to get closer to the European average by planting trees since 1972. 

We are glad to join this initiative by giving a precious gift for the clients –  a gift to the whole world. GO-ERP would like to encourage every company and person to reconsider gift choices to much more environmentally friendly alternatives this and the following year. 

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