Power Platform to help you get through the COVID19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a huge impact on so many businesses, regardless of their income, size,  industry or country. Global quarantine requires quick changes to be made, not only so businesses can adapt to survive this difficult period, but also to empower some industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing and logistics, to save as many lives as possible. This is where Microsoft‘s Power Platform becomes useful and shows its biggest potential. Because of the Microsoft Power Platform, many businesses have been able to rapidly create new functionalities and applications for Azure, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Dynamics 365 business applications without expert-level development skills. 

About Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform consists of 4 intelligent tools – Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent and Power BI, which were created to quickly extend Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 systems‘ functionality with low-code and no-code intelligence tools. Learn more.

Microsoft power platform

Applications to support your business through COVID 19

The Microsoft team was the first one to show examples of how easy it is to rapidly respond to quickly changing needs by using custom apps and automated solutions, supporting remote workers and engaging customers in need. They have rapidly created several applications with the Power Platform.

Healthcare Emergency Response Resource Tracking— This provides visibility into available beds and supplies, like masks and ventilators. Any healthcare provider can now implement the Emergency Resource Tracking solution to manage emergency responses and equipment inventories, beds and staffing needs, and emerging leaders can use the decision support dashboard to make critical decisions. Read more.

Crisis Communications— This solution coordinates information sharing and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions. Employees can report their work status and make requests, and administrators can use the app to push updates and news, including RSS feeds from the World Health Organization (WHO), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local authorities or emergency contacts, to different locations. This is all accessible on the web, mobile or in Teams. Read more.

Power Virtual Agents Crisis Response Bot—The Power Virtual Agents team has released instructions to build a Virtual Agent Crisis Response FAQ Bot that helps people get to the information they need quickly in a chat interface that you can embed on any website. For example, a Crisis FAQ bot can help you address questions that employees are frequently asking, freeing time for managers to focus on other priorities. Read more. 

To empower organizations to take advantage of the solutions above, Microsoft is making Power Apps, Power Automate,  and Power Virtual Agents available for a free six-month product offer, which includes all premium capabilities for customers in healthcare, education, non-profit, and government sectors.

Your solution is only hours away

Maybe these solutions aren‘t exactly what your business looking for at the moment. However, with the Power Platform, it only takes a matter of hours to create customized solutions specifically for your company. Do you have ideas of what must be changed or created for your Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365? Contact us and we will gladly help you out.

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