“Common data service” is now “Dataverse”: What’s new?

In November 2020, Microsoft has presented a new name for a cloud-based, low-code data service and app platform “Common data service”. From now on,  it is called “Microsoft Dataverse”. The reason for this name change was to make the platform more understandable and reach a broader audience.

However, alongside with fresh name, there are some updates regarding its capabilities and terminology.

What’s new? 


Alongside name changes, Microsoft presented Microsoft Dataverse for Teams – a subset of Dataverse capabilities for Teams users at no additional cost. It is generally available, along with a suite of embedded Microsoft Power Platform tools that make it easy for customers to build low-code apps, automate processes, and deploy chatbots without leaving the Teams application. 


Also, you will notice new terminology.  Some terms were changed in order to make work with “Dataverse” more intuitive for new users.

Entity, entitiesTable, tables
Field, fields, Attribute, attributesColumn, columns
Record, recordsRow, rows
Option set, multi-select option sets, Picklist, picklistsChoice, choices
Two OptionsYes/No

Note: However, this terminology update does not apply to any APIs or messages in the Dataverse web services. For example, the names of the messages CreateEntityRequest and CreateAttributeRequest will not change.

Have any questions regarding this or other Microsoft updates? Don’t hesitate to reach out to GO-ERP. Our team will be glad to help you out anytime.

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