How is Power BI transforming manufacturing processes?

It is well-known that manufacturing covers many different processes. Due to the versatility of the flows within the manufacturing fields, the analysis of these processes is time consuming and requires fresh knowledge of modern technologies. Noteworthy, any analytical error can significantly slow down the decision-making, which has a direct impact on profitability and efficiency.

For quick and significant improvement, modern manufacturing pacesetters use analytics tools to control all stages of production. Thus, employment of analytical systems, such as Power BI for manufacturing, helps significantly reduce the analysis time. In addition, with built-in artificial intelligence and a no-code/low-code user environment, you get comprehensive, wide-scope insights on how to improve processes based on real-time performance metrics.

Power BI for Manufacturing

Manufacturing. Source: Unsplash.

Take a look on a most common manufacturing issues and how Power BI can assist you in solving them

1. Production efficiency

Monitor the efficiency of production operations in terms of promptness, quality and cost. Identify the bottlenecks in a timely manner. So, solve problems before they touch customers with delays. Track your organization’s capability to produce the right amount of goods timely and in full scope of demand.

2. Production load

Monitor and analyze the forecasts of your production demand based on historical data. Forecast the increased workload and properly plan your production, inventory balances, and supply chain. Even more, bolster your performance level without negative impact on your results.

3. Programmable Logic Contollers (PLC)

Perform diagonal buffer analysis using data from different data sources. Use artificial intelligence to gain valuable insights for optimizing problematic areas. Easily and clearly track delays in the execution of large orders in a single chart.

4. Return of investments

Analyze metrics of different spheres such as profit and loss, sales, inventory, assets, and more. Generate detailed reports on the return of investments particularly for a single selected department and/or individual activity. Get a full cost-benefit analysis, and discover new ways to generate revenue and save costs.

5. Production output

Clearly and objectively monitor production processes and their efficiency in one interactive, real-time window, accessible from any device. Monitor everything – from product ordering, production and output to the yield of raw materials used.

6. New customers

Watch and estimate the employees’ efforts in searching for the new customers more clearly. Improve the performance of your campaigns, respond quickly to changes in the competitive environment, and to the effectiveness of each channel. For more sleek strategies, analyze consumer behaviour with advanced analytics based on service, sales, and marketing data. Entrust the data analysis to Power BI and use your free time to try out new advertising strategies.

7. Technological progress

Evaluate the return of your investments in new technological solutions with objectively and clearly measurable indicators. Keep a clear eye on how new technologies streamline your processes and increase your market competitiveness.

8. Employee efficiency

Analyze the production processes, and accurately assess the efficiency your company – both an entity and individual employees. Set accurate KPIs for your teams as well as individual employees. Easily perform a plan-fact analysis of a department, employee, or period. Prepare a product release plan for each department separately in multi-stage production. Not to stop with, streamline your daily, weekly, and monthly meetings with objective Dashboard metrics. Launch the principle of the bottom-to-top decision pyramid.


With Power BI for manufacturing, data analytics has never been so convenient and efficient! Centralize your data from a variety of sources, and get a comprehensive overview of all production processes in one window, from any device. Centralized reporting will allow you to react quickly to changes, forecast the risks, analyze the outcome of each already made decision and assess the efficiency of individual production units.

GO-ERP is an experienced Microsoft Dynamics partner with over 20 years of expertise in implementation, so we know clearly what, why and how we do it. We have acquired excellent knowledge of manufacturing, supply chain and automation processes. With Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies, we ensure efficient planning and optimal allocation of resources. Contact us for the offer on the best solution your business may get, and take care of the integration of Power BI with the systems you currently use. More to that, enable your management team members to track the data analysis of their departments themselves.

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