Localization pack for Lithuania

The must-have Dynamics 365 localization pack for Lithuania. Easy submit mandatory data to the State systems.

According to the law of the Republic of Lithuania, every active company in Lithuania must submit mandatory sets of data to the systems of the state public authority. To help companies to carry out this duty timely and without any errors, GO-ERP has created the localization pack for Lithuania. The pack consists of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO extensions for mandatory data export to the State systems following the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. The set ensures smoother and more convenient work for accountants.

The localization pack for Lithuania consists of six different extensions. It can be purchased and implemented either in bulk or separately. The upcoming extensions will be adapted according to the requirements of the Republic of Lithuania.

Localization pack consists of 

  • GO-i.SAF – transfers the Data on Received and Issued VAT Invoices to the smart tax system (i.MAS) according to State Tax Inspectorate (STI) requirements.
  • GO-i.VAZ – transfers packing slip data to the i.MAS according to the STI requirements.
  • GO-SAF-T – transfers the required standard accountancy data file to the i.MAS.
  • GO-GPAIS – submits the data on the packaging and products to the information system GPAIS of the Ministry of Environment.
  • GO-SEPA – bank payments in euros according to the common European standard. 
  • Basic Reporting Package – helps to ensure that the accounting process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Lithuanian Localization pack is not only available on official Microsoft applications platform Apssource but also is recognized as Microsoft’s preferred solution. 

Lithuanian localization pack for D365


No manual work and calculations
Data is submitted on time and in a required structure
All requirements are meticulously set in the system
Accounting process runs smoothly and efficiently

About the extensions 


According to the State Tax Inspectorate (STI) requirements, every active company in Lithuania must submit the data on received and issued VAT invoices to the STI smart tax system (i.MAS). With the GO-i.SAF solution, the mandatory VAT invoice data shall be promptly submitted to the i.MAS according to the current requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

Dynamics 365 Standard and GO-ERP extension functionality comparison



According to Lithuanian legislation, all cargo shippers, carriers and recipients must submit their packing slip data to the STI (State Tax Inspectorate) when cargo is to be shipped across the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

The GO-i.VAZ solution was created specifically for this purpose, submitting the required packing slip data accurately, promptly and in the required format. It allows you to specify or revoke the submitted data if necessary.

Dynamics 365 Standard and GO-ERP extension functionality comparison



This solution ensures that customers meet all the requirements of the STI Smart Tax Administration System (i.SAF-T). GO-SAF-T facilitates the submission of accounting data to the STI‘s i.SAF-T subsystem.

Benefits of GO-SAF-T solution

  • The solution is based on common, widely used processes and requirements proper across all companies;
  • Only modifications and specific processes need to be matched to the STI requirement;
  • The solution reduces installation time and costs. There is no need to analyze the processes. According to our observations, some processes are identical and repeating in all companies. Thus, only the differences need to be discussed and adapted.


The electronic system GPAIS (English – Unified Product, Packaging and Waste Record-Keeping Information System (PPWIS)) – provides the data on the waste management to the Ministry of Environment. Subsequently, the companies are obliged to submit the data on the packaging and products to the GPAIS according to the requirements and set formats. The GO-GPAIS solution was developed to help the companies manage and submit the required data in an easy and convenient way.

Dynamics 365 Standard and GO-ERP extension functionality comparison



GO-SEPA is a simple and convenient way to pay in Euros within SEPA countries according to the common standard of payments in Euros.

Benefits and features

  • The bank payments within the Eurozone will be made easily and conveniently in accordance with the set requirements.
  • Using handy tools, the information on the payment code and recipient‘s address will be added to the payment file.
  • The option for the user to choose the periodicity of the generation of the payment (via batch jobs), perform the different types of payments, store the exported payments in the selected catalog.
  • Possibility to import the generated XML files from the Dynamics 365 FO/AX into the bank, and import the performed payment lists from the bank into the Dynamics 365 FO/AX, thus significantly reducing manual work.
  • Promptly receive the information about payments‘ status.
  • Conveniently monitor the balance, easily receive the bank operations reports and statements.
  • The data is transferred in XML format as required by ISO 20022 standard.

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