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Implementing an innovative enterprise management system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance/AX is a big investment for any company. So, it’s natural to desire a system that works smoothly and efficiently, and that is supported only by the best and most reliable specialists.

Who needs professional Dynamics 365 system support services?

Implementing a customized system is just the first step. Consequently, it is very important to decide who will maintain your ERP system 24/7. Thus, who will ensure its smooth performance, timely implement all necessary updates, identify problems, quickly eliminate them, and take care of all system user training.

Additionally, quality Dynamics 365 support will reduce the risk of your ERP system performance issues. Moreover, it will have all the necessary upgrades implemented, and ensured that you use the full potential of the system and get the most out of it.


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Why choose GO-ERP for Dynamics 365 support?


Wealthy experience and a wide range of competencies allow us to cope with a wide range of tasks quickly. We respond to customer inquiries quickly, solve issues promptly 24/7.


We are ready to adapt to your time zone, language, workplace or even work organization style. More to that, we try to ensure the most convenient and natural communication for each client.

Service Quality

GO-ERP follows the best worldwide practice, methodologies and keeps to the standards meeting the requirements of LST EN ISO 9001: 2015 in all activities.

Guaranteed Resources

We have a wide range of competencies, a large number of employees and strong partnerships. Therefore, we can quickly allocate as many resources as needed to implement a larger unforeseen task or a project.


GO-ERP specialists are constantly deepening their professional knowledge and sharing new information with customers. So, the cooperation with us will ensure that your ERP system works according to the latest standards, and the most useful offers will reach you.

Specialist Dedicated

Each customer is assigned with a professional who knows the service history of the system, the most appropriate service model, and maintains constant communication. Therefore, you will always feel as if you are communicating with a colleague rather than cold service providers.

100% of our customers say they would recommend GO-ERP as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner.
According to a customer survey conducted in December 2020. A number of participating customer companies: 13.

Feel safe, secure, and dream big with the GO-ERP team of specialists. We will not only be happy to serve you but create an even more convenient and efficient ERP system together with you.

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